Request for financial donation to support two Vulnerable Women

Since in 2020 Grace Resource Ministries (GRM)has been empowering and inspiring communities all-over the world through health literacy, mobilizing and provision of health resources, and teaching scripture on health.  This is in response to the call of the Great Commission of going to all the world doing what Jesus did… doing good and healing all those who were oppressed by the devil.

Over December 2021 and January 2022, GRM mission team was in Kenya to minister, encourage and pray for the vulnerable especially the sick, orphans, widows, and the poor families. The team also donated foodstuffs and medical supplies.

During the mission, GRM came across two women: Mary and Elizabeth, whose are needy.

Mary Wanjiru

Mary Wanjiru is a mother of 7 children and lives in a poorly built mabati (tin) room in Ruiru, Kiambu County (Kenya).  She is on treatment for stage 2 breast cancer, uncontrolled hypertension, HIV+, and depression.

Born in Rift Valley, she is a survivor of 1982 tribal clashes in which her parents and siblings were killed. Out of desperation, she married young. Unfortunately her husband died of Aids after her 7th child was born. One of her children, who is also epileptic, conceived (from rape) at 12 years of age.

To survive, Mary scavenges for recyclable trash while competing with street boys and sells it earning a maximum of Kenya Shillings 70 ($0.7). The little she gets is inadequate to meet her basic and medical needs. Sometimes, she is kicked out of her house for lack of rent payment thus her and her children end up in the street.

Three of her children are HIV+, her last born is diabetic and has a heart condition while two other children live in the streets due to poor living conditions.

Out of the dire situations Mary has faced, she has attempted to kill herself and her children several times, ending up in jail until the magistrate ordered her to be evaluated for depression.

Against all odds, Mary struggles to find money to buy medicines (except for HIV drugs which are free). She sometimes resorts to selling her body in exchange for rent, food, and medications.

Attached below is a video clip of her interview:


Elizabeth is a mother of three boys and suffers from HIV+ among other diseases. Among the three boys, one of them is blind. Beth cannot afford food, rent, medicine and school fees. Recently, one of her children (a 2-year-old) was raped sustaining injuries and needs help to access medication even as they hope justice will be done. Elizabeth cannot afford to hire an attorney and is requesting for public help to secure an attorney or help bring this wickedness to justice.


The women sometimes receive help from a local organization known as Hephzibah Project, but the organization cannot meet their recurrent needs as it serves 30 women who are HIV positive and have children. These women need rent, food, toiletries, school fees, and medical care among other needs.

Attempts were made to help these women secure jobs and/or start small businesses but they were either laid off during COVID-19 pandemic or lost their businesses. Others have lost ability to work or run businesses due to being too sickly and having children that are sick and need personal daily care. 

In response to the Great Commission, GRM is appealing to donate in cash or kind to help Mary’s and Elizabeth’s family live a decent life in Ruiru, Kenya. Your contribution will help them afford shelter, food, clothes, medication, education for their children, and start small business to sustain them.

Mary’s and Elizabeth’s cases are just two of the many needy cases that we have highlighted. For further enquiries or clarifications, Please contact Grace Resource Ministries via:

Phone: 919-480-1009


You can donate via: PayPal

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